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Sep 28, 2008

Ahhh, animals!

Finnigan has been enjoying camp so much. Since his first swim [not on purpose - he jumped out of the boat. That's whole other story!] he's been actually quite calm in his crate to and from home. He stays outside almost every night and sleeps during the day. He's brought us a critter or two, but he basically sticks close to the camp and explores his surroundings.

Gracie, of course, is our cutie patootie. Loves camp. Enough said!!

Now, here's the thing. Porcupines are cute and all, but I'm not sure I like them hanging around. This one has been sticking close by for the past several weeks. So far, Gracie hasn't really seen it [maybe smelled it] and I'd like to keep it that way. I'm not sure how curious she would get, but I don't want to take any chances. Let's hope it's moved on it's way....

Sep 12, 2008

I'm Crafty!

I've been into a crafty mood lately. Last week at camp I made a large dream catcher made with two intertwined rings. I'll post a pic when I've got it completely done.
Then I was in the mood for making smaller ones. I really liked how they turned out, so I'm thinking of posting them on-line for sale!
Would you buy one for $12? It's about 2.5" in diameter. Is the price okay or too high/low?

Sep 11, 2008

Did you Wonder where I've Been?

It's been four months since my last post. That kind of sounded like a confession, ha ha. I had good intentions, but just never got around to updating my Blog.
At the end of May, I ended up in the hospital for four days after complications with my Crohn's. However, since then I am happy to say that I've been totally symptom free! Keeping my fingers crossed....!
The summer weather could have been better, but every day we were at camp was a good day. We did some renovations. I cleared a lot of brush...again. We had lots of company, lots of good times. Doug was on holidays for six weeks and the time just flew by.
Here it is September already and I look back and wonder where the summer went. I hate to admit it, but I am kind of looking forward to Autumn! There's something about the end of summer that brings a sort of renewal. Most people might feel that in the Spring, but for me it's when the nights get cooler and the days are crisper. I feel like I want to purge things that I haven't looked at for months. We're having a yard sale on Saturday and I hope to get rid of a lot of STUFF. On the other hand, I want to store and gather like the squirrels and chipmunks do. This is the time of year that I want to spend money. I want to buy things for the house [maybe it's the thought of winter around the corner] to make me cozy and keep me busy. Like a new laptop or new towels for the bathroom!
But I don't want to rush it. I'm hoping that September brings some unseasonably warm temps and that October will be sunny and mild. Looking forward to more weeks at camp before the ice starts forming on the lake.
Here's a few photos from the past few months to share with you!

PICNIC - elleQ dance factory at the Northern Lights Festival Boreal, Sudbury

Night shot of the vendors at NLFB

My three girls! the NLFB!

Lake Ramsey

Gracie's new toy!

May 11, 2008

Duck Dash

I am a member of a Facebook group of local photographers. I went out yesterday to the Rotary Club's annual Duck Dash! People purchase tickets on a rubber duckie. Each ticket represents one duckie. They are all released into Lily Creek at once and the winner of the race, wins the prize!! Proceeds all go to charitable organizations! Over 13,000 duckies were sold this year, [I think at $5 each!!]

Duckies in the Pool

Balloon animal maker

Spectators on the bridge

I think these guys are called the Soggy Bottom Boys [not sure]

Waiting for the Race to begin

Release the DUCKIES -- all 13,000 of them!

The firemen helped the duckies along with their hose!


Making sure no duckies get left behind

Git along, little Duckies

Apr 15, 2008

New Dance Company

My daughter has started an independent Modern Dance company. Together with her sister and another dancer, they are starting out to gain exposure, raise funds and show the city that Modern Dance is alive and well!! I am so proud!!
elle Q dance company debuts this summer at our annual Northern Lights Festival Boreal. They needed a photo for some media coverage and for the NLFB program, so I got to shoot the trio last weekend.

I learned a lot on this shoot:

1. My kit lens came through and proved to be a darn good lens.
2. Lighting in an OLD house basement can be awesome
3. After setting CWB, don't forget to switch your focus back to Auto. I learned this the hard way as some of the shots were kinda blurry. DUH
4. A tripod is my friend
5. 160 shots isn't too many. Out of that many shots, I managed to get a really good selection of decent shots!!

So, if you live in Sudbury, be on the lookout for this amazing dance company!

Apr 12, 2008

earthdancers 2008

Just a few of the shots from the earthdancers performance 2008!

[My #1 daughter is in the first and last photo!]

Mar 23, 2008


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Mar 5, 2008

There's something about this image I just love. The sun peeking through the trees, the snow blowing off the roof of the shed, the shadows, the trees. Once in a while a photo just grabs me and this one did. It's so peaceful.

Feb 25, 2008

Folk Art

We finally got some tongue and groove Pine installed at camp. I was getting tired of looking at yellow and pink insulation for the past three years!!
Since we've had so many mouse problems in the past, I wanted to paint a faux mousey on one of the boards in hopes that the fake one is the only one we'll ever have! As well, I painted a bird/nest on the peak boards!!
Just thought I'd share how they turned out! I love them! Now I want to do another tole painting in the other room! Any suggestions??

Feb 18, 2008

Another beautiful day on Lake Panache

Winter can't get any better than this. Okay, for those of you that know I hate winter, you must wonder if I've lost my mind. I'm not a winter lover in general. I hate driving on snowy, slippery roads. I hate slush. I hate how dirty the snowbanks get and it makes the whole city look icky. I admit that I love shoveling, so that part of winter is okay!! I hate being cold. In summer, there's always a place you can go to cool off - like the basement, or a cool shower, or an air conditioned mall, or to the lake. But in winter, it's not so easy to warm up when you've got that deep-down chill.
BUT, at camp - winter is amazing. The snow couldn't be any whiter. The quiet is so quiet, you can practically hear your own heart beat. The birds flit from one feeder to the next and they are quite mesmerizing to watch. The snow seems to stay on the trees longer at camp and the branches are heavy with the white stuff. It even smells better.
As always, food tastes better at camp -- no matter what it is. Even a hot dog can taste gourmet - and I LOVE hot dogs.

Welcome to our camp....

Feb 6, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Heather, from CottageBlogger tagged me to list 7 Strange-but-true things about me! I'm always up for a challenge, so here goes:

1. I am really, really, really, really fastidious about waste reduction. I CAN'T throw something in the trash that can be recycled or reused, etc. I just can't. You might say that's a good thing, but it can be very annoying to friends and family members. I have been known [on many occasions] to take things OUT of the garbage that shouldn't be there. I am constantly razzing people for not following MY good habits!! I've also been known to pick fights about the importance of environmental issues. Oh, I could go on....

2. I can pick up almost anything with my toes!

3. I have an uncanny ability to harmonize to songs - even to ones that I'm hearing for the first time! Now, that in no means says I'm a GOOD singer, just that I can do it!

4. I secretly hoard chocolate.

5. I probably shouldn't admit this, but I like to peek into people's medicine cabinets! Once, at a party I hosted, I posted a sign inside my medicine cabinet that said, "I just caught you peeking inside my medicine cabinet. If you are reading this, you have WON - come to see me for a prize." Nobody claimed the prize!!! Hmmm, either no body looked, or they were afraid to admit it!!

6. I can't stand the sound of windshield wipers. When I'm driving, I set it to the slowest speed I can possibly tolerate. If Doug is driving, he usually puts them at the highest speed and I grit my teeth and seethe inside. I especially go nuts when it's stopped raining or slowed down and the wipers are still on high. Once, he got upset with me for telling him to turn them off, so now I have to grin and bear it and anxiously wait for the rain to stop. If he happens to run into a store or something, I quickly reach over and turn them down. If the wipers squeak -- it's even worse!! I can't explain it but they drive me NUTS!!!

7. When using the microwave, I have to stop the timer when the seconds read :09 or :13. It's a thing.

While I'm at it, I figure I'll post some photos from the cottage!


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